Floor Plan of 1230 sqft EcoLog Home or Cottage

Image of MacDonald Ecolog HomeThis plan shows a home with a 1230 sqft living space on the main floor and appr. 850 sqft in the loft, resulting in > 2000 sqft living space.

With the master bedroom on the main floor this floor plan design is often chosen by customers who need a recreational cottage, which they can later use as a retirement home.

Key features of the plans below are:

  • Charming look with wings and dormers
  • Lots of EcoLog walls visible inside, as the deviding walls between the main area and the "wings" are all massive log walls
  • appr. 2080 sqft of living space
  • large open living room and kitchen area
  • master bedroom on the main floor
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3 bedrooms plus additional family room or office

Please contact us for a higher resultion version of the plans, or for free consultation on how to modify this plan to best suit your needs !


1230sqft main



1230sqtf loft