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Ecolog Homes: Charming Dormers & Porch

Ecolog Homes can be designed in many ways. Many customers like L or T shaped footprints with dormers and a covered porch on one side.

Ecolog Livingroom

Ecolog buildings are spacious and bright inside, with high 10' ceilings.

Ecolog Design

The charming look of Ecolog homes is achieved through steep pitches roofs with big overhangs, and through the unique wall assembly: 8"x8" timbers alternate with a thick 2" seam of chinking. 

Larger Ecolog Homes

The modular concept of Ecolog Homes offers many design choices. By adding wings to central area of the home, floor plans of 3000 square feet and more are possible. 

Ecolog Homes - Interior Design

Ecolog log homes can be finished in many different ways. People like to combine the solid log walls with stone walls, drywalls, colourful kitchens and more. Check out our gallery to get inspired !

Closed for New Ecolog Business

We retired our Ecolog business on the West Coast, and will no longer take orders for new Ecolog Homes. We are leaving this website open for reference and inspiration.

Check out our Gallery page for lots of pictures of previously built Ecolog log homes!


Are you interested in Energy Efficient Homes ?

In 2020 we built a super energy efficient Netzero home for ourselves. You can read our blog post about the detailed design and performance of this Netzero home.