1344 sqft EcoLog home

The Manakin - 1344 sqft Footprint, 2000 sqft Living Space

This plan has a footprint of 1344 sqft, offering about 2000 sqft total living space on main and loft floor.

This home shows nicely how we combine multiple "24' building blocks" to construct bigger homes. In this case, the T shaped building consists of a 24'x32' area (living room/kitchen), connected to a 24'x24' area, used for bedrooms and corridor in the main floor.

Key features of the plans below are:

  • appr. 2000 sqft of living space
  • large open living room and kitchen area
  • living room partly open to ceiling
  • 2 bedrooms on main floor
  • big master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet
  • huge open area above kitchen (family room, office, etc.)

This plan can easily be modified to offer more bedrooms for bigger families.

Please contact us for a higher resultion version of the plans, or for free consultation on how to modify this plan to best suit your needs !

Floor plan main floor of 1344 sqft EcoLog home



Main Floor


Floor plan loft floor of 1344 sqft EcoLog home

Loft Floor