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Ecolog Homes: Charming Dormers & Porch

Ecolog Homes can be designed in many ways. Many customers like L or T shaped footprints with dormers and a covered porch on one side.

Ecolog Livingroom

Ecolog buildings are spacious and bright inside, with high 10' ceilings.

Ecolog Design

The charming look of Ecolog homes is achieved through steep pitches roofs with big overhangs, and through the unique wall assembly: 8"x8" timbers alternate with a thick 2" seam of chinking. 

Larger Ecolog Homes

The modular concept of Ecolog Homes offers many design choices. By adding wings to central area of the home, floor plans of 3000 square feet and more are possible. 

Ecolog Homes - Interior Design

Ecolog log homes can be finished in many different ways. People like to combine the solid log walls with stone walls, drywalls, colourful kitchens and more. Check out our gallery to get inspired !

Affordable Log Home, Cabin and Cottage Kits

Imagine… your own beautiful, eco friendly, energy efficient, custom log home kit for about the same price as traditional frame construction.

Check out our Gallery page for lots of pictures of previously built Ecolog log homes!


Are you interested in Energy Efficient Homes ?

In 2020 we built a super energy efficient Netzero home for ourselves. You can read our blog post about the detailed design and performance of this Netzero home.


What’s Unique About the Ecolog Concept ?

The secret of Ecolog custom log homes lies in their simplicity and roots in pioneer construction techniques. The square timbers allow efficient production and construction and avoid many challenges faced by building with round logs. The resulting product is a traditional log home, unpretentious and rustic, yet full of charm and appeal.

The Ecolog Advantage

EcoLog Wall Detail

Ecolog homes combine traditional custom log home construction and design techniques with modern applications, producing a home that will stand the test of time. The final product is delivered in form of a log home package.

Ecolog Homes represent a new style of log homes: These buildings are solid wood log homes, that differ from traditional round log homes or timber frame structures in several ways:

  • The solid walls are constructed from 8x8 inch square timbers, not from round logs
  • Square timbers are much easier to produce and work with... this makes Ecolog homes very affordable
  • The "Ecolog Look" is derived from the combination of the alternating 2 inch insulation and 8 inch timbers, giving Ecolog log buildings a very unique and attractive, natural appearance
  • Ecolog log home packages are available from Western Hemlock wood. All our timbers are harvested from sustainable second growth forests on Vancouver Island.
  • All our building kits include our energy performance modeling service, to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.
  • New: Since 2018 we offer customers a choice of either the square "box joint" you see above, or a classic dovetail corner joint.

Check out our sample floor plans to find your dream log home design!


About Us

Picture Hermann

Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet/Page One Publishing

Hermann Thoene (email Hermann@ecolog-homes.com) is the owner and operator of Vanisle EcoLog Homes Inc.

Hermann formed the company in 2008 to bring the EcoLog concept from Ontario to the West Coast. 


I really like your design, I think it is a nice balance of rustic and modern, and includes nice clean lines and brightness.

Joel F

Hermann was extremely helpful in every aspect of our project; from assisting us source trades people, assessing the lay of our land, discussing foundation options, to working our way through the sometimes onerous task of fulfilling our municipality’s building permit requirements. Hermann made the whole process not only enjoyable but enlightening, and I would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating building a kit home.

Julia McCaig, Bowen Island


I love that EcoLog uses logs from forests recognized for sustainability. Choosing EcoLog offered us the design flexibility of a custom home at an affordable price.

Greg MacDonald, Tobermory

Viewed your show home and am totally impressed. I have decided this is what I will build when my property is ready. Thank you Hermann, these homes are amazing.

Lori Lelonde, Victoria BC

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