100 sqft Bunkie cabin with loft

Bunkie Floorplan (dimensions in cm)

Bunkie - 100 sqft + 50 sqft Loft

The Bunkie is a "small house" or "micro house" - a mini cabin ideally suited as additional living space for those extra weekend guests or for your children's sleep-over. This bunk cabin has a footprint of only 104 square feet, and therefore it doesn't require a building permit in most municipalities in Canada.

The spacious loft provides additional sleeping space and is accessible over the included ladder.

The walls are built of 1 5/8" thick tongue & groove boards, the floor and roof is made of 3/4" t&g boards.

The Bunkie kit is now also available as "Bunkie V", which offers double pane windows, improved door and window hardware and double weather stripping. If you add insulation to the walls and roofs of this model, you can turn it into an all-season Bunkie ! 

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Bunkie Open Top View


Technical Specifications
Inside space 100 square feet plus 50 sqft loft
Doors & Windows One exterior door, 2 windows, loft access ladder
Floor boards 3/4" thick
Wall Logs 1 5/8" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 90"
Loft hight at peak of roof 40"



  • Standard Bunkie kit delivered from warehouse in Ontario, with 1 5/8" wall logs:   CAD$ 5,500*
  • Bunkie V with double pane windows and improved hardware, delivered from warehouse in Ontario, with 1 5/8" wall logs:   CAD$ 5,700* 

 *All prices plus tax and shipping.

Bunkie 3D Model