Kiosk floorplan

10'x10' Farm or Market Kiosk

Do you have a farm and want to sell your products at the roadside? 

Do you need a kiosk for a permanent market or for your business property?

This kiosk building kit will attract your customers and protect you and your products from the environment. Big opening window at the front and double french doors at the back. 

The building kit includes foundation beams and all material for floor, walls, windows and doors, roof boards and an asphalt roof membrane. 

Technical Specifications
Inside space 100 square feet
Doors & Windows One double door, one big opening sales window
Floor boards 3/4" thick
Wall Logs 1 1/8" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 77"



Kiosk kit with 1 1/8" wall logs:    CAD$ 3,260*

*All prices plus tax and shipping.