Garage D

Garage D floorplan

Garage D - 320 sqft

EZLog prefab garage kits are beautiful and versatile. This model comes with 2 big double doors in the front, a side entrance door and a large side window. This building is big enough for 2 cars, or for one car and a spacious shop or storage area.

This garge log building kit is available in three different wall thicknesses.

Please check our catalog for more garage kits in different size and design.

Technical Specifications
Inside space 17' x 19', 320 square feet
Doors & Windows 2 garage doors, small entrance door, one side window
Floor boards not included
Wall Logs 1 5/8" or 2 1/4" or 2 3/4" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 96"



Garage D kit with 1 5/8" wall logs:    CAD$ 8,800*

 *All prices plus tax and shipping.