Single Level (Ranch or Bungalow Style) Ecolog HomesSingle Level / Bungalow Style Ecolog Log Home

Most Ecolog Homes are based on the following principles: Square timber log walls, a steep 45 degree roof built with solid 4"x10" timber trusses. The insulation is applied on the outside of the roof sheathing, leaving lots of space for high vaulted ceilings and for additional living space in the loft.

Recently many customers have asked us if we can build single level (ranch or bungalow style) log homes. For most people the reason is that they don't want to climb stairs as they get older.

We discussed these requirements with our engineers and designers and are pleased that we can offer single level Ecolog homes now. The possible floor plan designs are endless, and really only your imagination is the limit.

We can offer two basic designs, which differ in the roof structure:

  • Solid truss roof single level Ecologs: The roof for these homes has a 12:6 pitch instead of the 12:12 pitch of the standard Ecolog home. The trusses are the same 4"x10" timbers, just at a reduced angle.
  • Engineered truss roofs: In partnership with roof truss manufacturers we can offer a variety of roof designs. The most common roof suitable for Ecolog homes has a 12:6 pitch.
Timber roof truss for Ecolog Home
The solid truss roof offers the same charming look as standard Ecolog homes. The trusses are exposed on the outside under the 4' overhang as well as on the inside, forming a nice ceiling. To reduce heating costs and construction costs these roofs can have a vented attic with insulation directly above the ceiling. The Ecolog kit cost for homes with solid trusses is the same as for any other standard Ecolog kit. Single level Ecolog homes with solid trusses are normally 24' wide, can vary in length, and can be combined into T, L or wing shaped structures like other Ecolog homes.
Engineered roof truss for Ecolog Home
Roofs with engineered trusses offer a lot of flexibility. They can span bigger areas then our solid trusses, and therefore we can offer 30' wide Ecolog homes in any desired length. Wing or L shaped homes are also no problem to build with these trusses. The living room can have a vaulted ceiling, and the trusses can be extended to offer covered decks. And these roofs also have a 4' overhand all around the home to protect the log walls.
The cost for ranch style Ecolog home kits depend on size and shape of home as well as requirements like vaulted ceilings, covered decks, extended gables or extreme snow loads.