Backyard Buildings in BC – Why do You need one ?


Posted by Hermann Thoene | Posted in EZLog Cabin/Cottage Kits | Posted on 16-04-2013

Cottage kit EuropaBackyard cabins and cottages are becoming more and more popular in British Columbia: From 800 sqft all season cottages over enclosed gazebos or pavilions to micro houses or “bunkies”. People build these backyard structures for a variety of reasons:

  • As in-law suite for aging parents
  • Additional space for growing children
  • Guest cottages for friends
  • Rental suite to provide additional income
  • Office or studio for artist or professionals working from home

And I’m sure there are many more reasons.

Backyard buildings are sustainable by using little material and utilizing existing infrastructure. Many municipalities see the advantages of these building and support them with special by-laws.

Most municipalities allow structures of less then 100 square feet in size without a building permit. Such small structures can be setup without a concrete foundation, by using concrete blocks or other simple mechanisms to create a level space.

Inside view of a BunkieVictoria has a special by-law to allow for so called “Garden Suites” if the properties fullfil certain requirements.

Metchosin and many rural municipalities like some of the Gulf Islands allow for detached secondary suites, often up to 750 square feet in size.

Some new residential developments like Westhills in Langford offer Laneway houses as part of their new residences. The city of Vancouver recognizes the benefits and importance of Laneway houses by providing a special program for these type of buildings.

The Vancouver Sun recently published an interesting article called “Backyard Cottages a growing trend” with lots of examples why and how people want to have backyard buildings.

Vanisle Ecolog Homes offers a large selection of do-it-yourself log cabin and cottage kits, which are idea for backyard buildings.



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