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Posted by Hermann Thoene | Posted in Website Tools | Posted on 11-12-2009

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Canada is officially metric, and children in school learn how to measure and calculate using the metric system. But did you ever work in any construction related job and use metric units? It’s all about feet and inches, yards and some other measurements like boardfeet. Most plans, material and “talks” are in imperial units. But not all… Surveyors for example work “mostly” in metric, as their resulting plans are official documents – and officially Canada is metric, right?

If you are planning to build your own home, or to get it built, you will soon realize that you need to cope with this unit chaos. You will have to calculate the size of your windows in inches for your builder, but your window company may ask you for metric measurements. Your architect will tell you the building hight in feet, but your municipality will have maximum hight requirements in meters. Your builder tells you to order “5 yards of concrete”, but the concrete supplier tells you prices per cubic meter.

To ease this chaos a little bit, we provide you with a nice little gadget: A website based unit converter. Check it out, it’s right here – on the right side of this page.

I tried to find such a converter for WordPress or Joomla – but there was hardly anything available.

With my background in the IT industry I decided to have one developed. I’m not good enough in JavaScript and PHP myself, so I wrote a requirements spec, and posted it to eLance. After a few weeks my little project was completed.

If you have your own Joomla or WordPress based website, and want to provide a Unit Converter for your visitors: Feel free to use it. I hope the little tool will soon be available through the official WordPress and Joomla extension directories, but until then you can download it from our website here:


Update Januaray 2010: The unit converter is now also available through the official Joomla and WordPress.org extension directories – just search for “unit converter”.