Wood Buildings Make a Happy Planet


Posted by Hermann Thoene | Posted in EcoLog, Energy Efficiency, EZLog Cabin/Cottage Kits | Posted on 23-04-2014

A recent article in the renown GBA (Green Building Advisor) summarized the benefits of wood buildings over steel, concrete or any other “high energy” materials. Log buildings and cabins not only feel better then any other buildings, but they are also a great benefit for our planet.

Read the full article here on the GBA website.


Energy Efficient Log Homes & Cabins


Posted by Hermann Thoene | Posted in Energy Efficiency, EZLog Cabin/Cottage Kits | Posted on 09-05-2013

I just came across this blog post from GBA (Green Building Advisors). It’s a not only a good ┬ásummary of the most important technical terms used in the building industry, but it prioritizes the areas where you should look first if you consider to build a new home “greener” and more energy efficient.

I’m an avid reader of the GBA newsletter and blog posts. This team is really on top of things when it comes to green building.

Our focus as Vanisle Ecolog Homes is to build well performing log homes, cabins and cottages. Of course you cannot use all the same techniques in a log home as you do at a “regular” frame home. But many concepts do apply, and some need to ┬ábe adopted to work with log homes and log cabins.

We use the Canadian “standard” software Hot2000 (from National Resource Canada) to model and check the energy performance for each home we design for customers.

I just created some new energy models for our new EZLog cabin and cottage kits. We developed a method to insulate these homes nearly without any thermal breaks, which leads to an excellent energy performance. And the construction technique we use is fairly easy to install and can be adopted to suite any climate – from the mild winters on Vancouver Island to “real winter” in Whistler.